Large downdraft arch-topped gas car kiln, complete

Selling our downdraft car kiln, built by Donovan Palmquist. Exterior footprint is 77.5" wide x 77.5" long and roughly 85" tall at the top of the arch (outside measurement).

The car is 42" wide and 56" long, supporting an array of six 14x28 shelves (though we use a mix of 14x28 and 13x26 shelves when we load, based on what we have available).

Donovan upgraded the burner plumbing (installed new, larger elbows upstream of the burners) and installed swiss-made precision control valves for both air and gas (with demarcated positioning, to allow for more control/repeatability) about 15 firings ago.

The blower motor was rebuilt and the blower turbine wheel replaced, 8-10 firings ago.

Photos and a spec sheet are viewable here:

Asking $7000/obo for the kiln, picked up at our Minneapolis location. We have the wood arch form on hand so the kiln can be rebuilt somewhere else.