45 Cubic Ft Car Kiln -

I bought this 45 cubic ft Car kiln from a retiring potter about 5 years ago. I deconstructed it, packed it up and brought it here to my home before I had a place to build it. It has been sitting in my garage, all of it in boxes and I'd like to clear out this space. The kiln is all K-23 soft bricks. It has two giant Ranson burners. I have ALL of the photos of de-constructing the kiln available so if you want to build the exact replica, its all here. The original arch form is also present and is holding all of the arch bricks (the whole arch) together, wrapped in shrink wrap. Many of the arch bricks were not whole when I de-constructed but they are all there. You would have to decide which ones to save , which ones to mortar together, or if you prefer, which ones to swap out for new. If I were doing this, I would rebuild the kiln without the car although the metal track and components are all here, in storage, in my garage. I rented a big truck to move it all. You would probably have to do the same. In addition, I have a Shimpo pug mill which I inherited which I would throw in for good measure. I've never used it! It is triple- phase electric and one can buy a converter/inverter to single phase if thats all you have. I'm not a production potter so I have no use for it. I have the original catalog, probably from the 1990's. It needs a new home.

It is for sale at $2500

Contact me for more details. -Doug