Lehman Slip-o-Matic Reversible Casting / Pouring Station

Lehman Slip-O-Matic slip casting table for sale. This unit was designed to pump slip into the molds, and then be reversed to pump the slip out of the molds to make drainage easier. This is especially useful for large items that are very heavy to lift and tip upside down to drain. The reversing function is also very useful for refilling the machines with casting slip when needed. The table is approximately 48" X 23".

Although an older unit, I have replaced the pump and nozzle. The motor is the original but works fine. Lehman does not manufacture these anymore but they keep all replacement parts in stock in case anything else ever needs to be replaced.

Only selling because i upgraded to a much larger system and no longer need this. Price is $600 (firm). I can email pictures to anyone interested.