Bricks, shelves and shed

I am selling about 2300-2500 soft and hard bricks, 4 venturi burners and shelving. There are enough to build at least a 30-40 cubic foot sprung arch kiln. There is a wide variety of squares, arch and half bricks. Most are soft brick but there are a lot of hard brick too. A majority are brand new still in original boxes. There are a lot of miscellaneous broken and cracked bricks and shelves in boxes. There are plenty of shelves, full and partial and furniture. In addition, there is heavy gauge metal roofing and metal framework for a 5'x8' shed. I have been collecting all this for several years and I just don't have to time to build the kiln. You will need a very large truck or trailer. I can assist loading with my tractor as most of it is on pallets already. Asking $2800 for the whole shebang.