All reasonable offers considered. Open to trades.

This is a Bailey Studio Standard 24/16 in excellent condition that has only been fired a dozen times. This is a forced-air downdraft front loader gas kiln. My new studio doesn’t have the room or capability for this kiln so it unfortunately has to go. Everything is palletized & ready for transport. Interior is framed with supports for sides and arch.

Great value with everything included. Upgrade your studio or add another workhorse kiln for 2023. Currently about a 6 month lead time on new kilns from Bailey that will be around twice the price as this for all that is included.

You transport. (Semi-negotiable but at an additional cost, highly recommend hiring a rigger to move)

What you get:

Kiln w/blowers & initial gas lines Shelves Heat dispersing chimney & hardware Replacement soft bricks Hard brick furniture for first layer Original manual