JD 2927-3 L&L kiln

This 10 cubic foot kiln fires fully loaded to cone 7 with 15 minute soak in 13 hours. 3.5 hour preheat @ 250. The elements are at about half life or better. The element holders are functional but some are fused to the bricks, some are losing pieces and the elements are held in with pins. Many bricks are cracked and will crumble if removed. The control box and thermocouples are in perfect condition. Both top and bottom slabs are sound. The lid is equips with the lid assist system. L&Ls are easy to take apart and move.

I have described it accurately, this kiln will last years firing to stoneware, decades doing bisque firings. Or the controls and thermocouples could be used to make a similar kiln computer controlled.

Text me for pictures.