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Olympic Kilns Sale List

The following models are at the Olympic factory and can be shipped or picked up. FACTORY SECONDS and USED need refurbishing, included in price. NEW kilns are almost ready to ship. Your sale prices are below. Website with retail prices is…

LARGE Blaauw

Helping a good friend sell his VERY large Blaauw kiln. When he placed the order about 9yrs ago, Blaauw told him it was the largest privately owned Blaauw in the States. …

Pug Mill - Shimpo NRA-03S

Brand new (I think) Shimpo Pug Mill. I picked this up as-is without knowing too much about it. The switch was missing the key, so I put it aside until I could replace the switch and key and give it a try. After I installed a new switch and got it…

Evenheat 6 Inch HotBox

My Beloved Evenheat 6 Inch HotBox died a week ago, and I am trying to either replace it, or find one to use for parts. I originally purchased it in 1993. I am located in Clearwater, Fl. My G-mail is Samurisam@gmail.com, or cell is 727 748 9315. …

In search of a 120V kiln

Former ceramist looking to return to my passion for clay and teaching ceramics and add a 120V kiln to my studio in Brooklyn. Open to all kiln brands as long as the kiln is in safe good to excellent shape. Thank you for any leads!

De-airing pug mill

Looking for a small stainless steel pug mill for porcelain. It’s on my bucket list so I can continue to be a potter in my old age! Located in Texas.