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Olympic Kilns Sale List

The following models are at the Olympic factory and can be shipped or picked up. FACTORY SECONDS and USED need refurbishing, included in price. NEW kilns are almost ready to ship. Your sale prices are below. Website with retail prices is…

Beginner ISO wheel

I am a beginner potter located in the California Bay Area looking for a used electric wheel. My preferences are a wheel with a removable splash pan, foot pedal, and adjustable stool. As a college student with a disability, throwing has facilitated a…

Vent-A-Kiln for Free!

Hi - I'm trying to find a home for a pair of practically new Vent-A-Kiln hoods/swing arms. Some small signs of rust in corner of the swing arm, since they've been sitting. This doesn't include the pulley system, or the actual vent, but the main…

Alpine Electric 3 phase, 8 Cubic Feet

90's Model High Fire Electric Kiln. Older but has seen very little use and is in excellent condition. I can send pics of the nearly perfect inside. Says 3 Phase 208 but has been running great on 220 Volt. Has controller and it all works.…

Black Horse Hair (tail hair) For Sale

I don't make horse hair pots but I have an entire black horse hair tail for sale. It measures 34" and weighs 5.8 oz. including the tie wrap that's holding it together. I'm asking $65.00 and that includes shipping. If you are interested, please call…


5 ton Wieland pottery press for sale. $2500 or best offer .Well maintained and in good condition. Comes with approx 20 round die rings in various sizes from 2-4" deep and 6-12" diameter. Currently in production at handmade tile studio. This machine…