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Olympic Kilns Sale List

The following models are at the Olympic factory and can be shipped or picked up. FACTORY SECONDS and USED need refrbishing, included in price. NEW kilns are almost ready to ship. Your sale prices are below. Website with retail prices is…

Wheel Shimpo or skutt wheel, need a wheel

Please let me know if you have an old potter's wheel electric is nice ....even a Asian stick wheel or top kick wheel. Starting a class for youths. Need a donation of vintage wheel. Denver Clay company wheel would work....thanks

Brent Model 16 Adaptive Pottery Wheel

Looking to find a good Brent Model 16 Pottery Wheel in good condition. Father-in-law is a retired high school art teacher with heavy focus on pottery. He has recently became injuried with no use of legs, and looking to add an adaptive wheel to his…

"Pottery ready" House, studio and gallery.

24 cubic ft stack space Swindell Dressler downdraft, L&L easy-fire cone10, and small cone 10 electric, shelving - both kiln and ware, Vanho double auger studio de-airing pug, spray booth, work tables, gallery area in a 32' x 32' building.…

Need pugmill for humble studio!

PNW Potter in need of a deairing pugmill for studio reclaim as well as personal clay manufacturing. Wedging is great but definitely looking to produce more and my hands can only do so much. If you have a pugmill laying around, I would absolutely give…