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ISO the woman who bought a custom skutt from Andrew

Hello, woman from Washington State who purchased a very large skutt kiln in Sherwood Oregon from a winemaker named Andrew. I would pay you more to buy it off of you. It is my absolute dream kiln. Please call me: 360-622-8581

Soldner clay mixer

Studio-size mixer lightly used since 2001. Excellent condition. 240 volts. Must be picked up. $2500. Photos available upon request.

Potters had to throw anything away

I have 2 Davinci 3227 kilns, 240V single phase, that we used for production for many years. They are USED and technically beyond their useful life according to the manufacturers but we continue to get consistent firings from them. Lids need…

Large Gas Kiln

Looking for a large gas kiln, preferably a car kiln. I need a kiln that can fire 36 wide and 60 in tall. Let me know if your kiln comes close. Located in Lancaster PA. Would also be interested in a kiln I could rent for firings. TEXT ONLY