The Internet is plagued with scammers attempting and often succeeding in taking advantage of the more naive or unaware. In the case of Potter's Web, such scammers may attempt to get the information they would require for credit card fraud or identity theft. This is easily avoided with common sense.

Do not give away any banking information.

Do not accept cashiers checks.

Beware of first offers for more than your asking price.

Do not send money to supposed shipping agents or other intermediaries. The way this scam works is that after you have sent money to "shipping agents", the cashiers check bounces and you are out the money you sent.

Deal locally as much as possible.

If you encounter a suspicious response, please report it to us.

The following are examples of queries that you should not reply to. The language and syntax are often a dead giveaway. Also note that as the e-mail continues, the goal is obviously to release bank and personal information.


Thanks for responding. I am okay with 350 as the price. I will issue out a cashiers check to you for the cost and also the shipping. This is because my shipper will come for the pick up and he will need to get paid before he can come for the pick up. You will cash the check once you get it and wire the shipping fee to him via western union so that he can collect the money and come for the pick up in 24 hours time. I do not want the buying and shipping be a prolonged issue because I believe we can finalize this transaction within 7 days. Do get back to me with your full names, address and telephone number if this is okay by you so that I can send out the check.


I saw this your ads.I am interested in buying it. I will like to know the present condition of it and your last price you want to sell it.Shipment will be handled by my shipping agent. Payment will be through a certified cheque.Get back to me asap. Thanks

Hello ,

Good day. I will offer you $2,000 for this Kiln and the condition is okay too with the pics that you send. I will instruct my client to issue you a check of $5,000 and you will deduct your own money there and send the remaining excess funds to my shipping agent via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER for the pick up of this Kiln in your location and i will want you to get back to me asap with this information stated below so that you can be able to received the check. Here is the information needed stated below;

  • Your full Name..............
  • Address...........
  • City....................
  • Zip Code................
  • Telephone number ............
  • State..............
  • Country............

Pls get back to me asap today with this information above so that i can instruct him(client)to quickly issue you the payment on my behalf. I will await this information from you today. Thanks...

Best Regards,

Thanks for the mail. I am located in IL. I will want you to get back to me asap with the last price for this Kiln and the pics too. I will await your quick response today. Thanks and Stay Blessed..

Best Regards,

Good day to you.I humbly write as directed by a client who is intersted in purchasing your '' Kiln. However,I will like to know your last offer,view its picture and to know its present condition. Also talking of the Shipment to India, One of my Associate will arrange for the shipment.Who resides In US and she has agreed to make the payment by Cashier Cheque. Also understand that the Cheque will surely clear for the full payment.Moreover, I want you to do understand better, Below is the Shipping Address :

Shipping Address: [An address in Australia, India, etc. is given even though the equipment for sale is in the US or Canada.]

Tell : [redacted].But My Phone developed some technical problems,I believe it will be ok soon. I shall give you a call as soon it ok.I will like to know more about the Present Condition of it, If it okay,I will be glad to purchase it from you.Most Important in about the Picture of it,Do forward the Picture of to my e-mailbox . However,I will be glad to view the picture of it and to know its present condition.Kindly forward to me the Information inwhich the payment will be made out to you, Asking below..

  • Full name that will be written on Cheque.........:::
  • Full address..{P.o Box Or Residential Address} ............:::
  • State...............:::
  • City................:::
  • Zip Code...........:::
  • Home,office,cell phone #......:::
  • Country..............:::

All this information is needed to that the payment can be sent to you. I want you to respond to my mail if you are satisfied with the content of this letter.You can aswell Fax to me regarding the transaction. Fax Number...: [redacted] Extend my greetings to your family.I will await your Urgent respond.

Thank you and best Regards.